The Mailbox

An "Old-Fashioned" Picture A few years ago, after a long snow storm, the county decided to clear our road. Now, we do not live on a main thoroughfare-far from it. County trucks can often be seen idling off on one of the field roads, their drivers catching a few winks. However, this particular year, the... Continue Reading →

A Different Adventure

By the beginning of May for the past few years, I have been returning from an adventure somewhere-Paris, Rome, Venice, Athens. Granted, there have been exceptions to the travel, but even when I couldn't go to somewhere new, I made sure to go somewhere-even if just a hike at the local nature preserve or a... Continue Reading →

Cantuccio aka Biscotti

Not working right now has given me time to focus on things I have wanted to return to for years: writing (my first love), gardening, and baking. Of course, I also am reading books, cleaning my attic, sewing, and sitting on my porch listening to the birds-all of these things I have missed for so... Continue Reading →

The Sigh Lady

My husband and I were recently boarding a transatlantic flight to Athens. We located our seats-- I was in the middle seat; my husband was in the aisle seat, and in the window seat a middle-aged lady talking in English with the flight attendant about when coffee would be served. We settled in for an... Continue Reading →

Annoying Travelers on Planes

This isn't about how to annoy travelers on planes - this is about those passengers who are annoying. We have all been on planes where there was something irritating, comical, or "what's up with that?" moments have occurred. And unless you're flying first class, we all know the seats are small, cramped, and borderline claustrophobic.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Roman Count Down by David P. Wagner

Synopsis Rick Montoya moves from New Mexico to Rome, Italy to start his own translation business and to experience his Italian mother's culture and get to know his Italian family .Instead of immediately starting his business, he gets involved with his police uncle's murder mystery all while setting up a new apartment, learning his way around... Continue Reading →

The Porch Patio Table

I heard an apple drop this morning. By the loud plop it made in the wet grass below, it must have been a good sized apple. The apples wont's be ready for quite some time yet - another eight weeks or so. So I know I have another couple of months before I need to... Continue Reading →

Why I Travel with Only a Carry-On

Carry-on and Coffee in NYC There are dozens, if not hundreds, of articles on how to travel light-what to pack, what kind of bag (soft side, hard side, backpack), how to pack (fold or roll), blah, blah, blah. Those are all personal decisions and can be influenced on where you are going and when you... Continue Reading →

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