Why I Travel with Only a Carry-On

Carry-on and Coffee in NYC There are dozens, if not hundreds, of articles on how to travel light-what to pack, what kind of bag (soft side, hard side, backpack), how to pack (fold or roll), blah, blah, blah. Those are all personal decisions and can be influenced on where you are going and when you... Continue Reading →


Travels with Aiden – First Flight

At BWI - we only travel with what we can carry-on. Ready to go! Aiden is my traveling buddy and grandson. Up until this trip he had only traveled by car. After my return from Paris he stated he wanted to go with my on my next trip there. The time had come to add... Continue Reading →

Silvery Trails to Paris

When I was eight years old my family moved from the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles, specifically Hawthorne, California. Three memories still stand out clearly from that year: my brother (aka the little butterball) arrived, my best friend who lived down the street spoke two languages, and our backyard was beautiful. Now, the backyard was... Continue Reading →

Lois in the Lobby

Dad and Mom on their way to Maryland My parents flew from Utah to visit our family in Maryland last week, and due to our home being 110+ years old with dozens of steps and my parents aversion to steps, they stayed in one of local hotels. Along with the benefit of no steps and... Continue Reading →

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