Veteran’s Park, Layton, Utah

Nestled in between a travel agency on one side and railroad tracks on the other, the Veteran's Park in Layton, Utah is a small, peaceful, and cool place to rest and reflect on the lives of our past military members who have served in the five branches of the Armed Services. I was curious as... Continue Reading →

Travel Again, Sort Of

Waya at Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2019 I have officially not traveled for over one year now. Travel is, and always has been, a part of my life - like breath itself, travel is, for me, essential. After returning from my jaunt to NYC in November 2019, I had a respite... Continue Reading →

Tips for Group Travel

Although traveling is severely curtailed during this Covid-19 thing, I still think of traveling. And although my future trips will probably be with close family and not groups, I know eventually I will be on another group tour somewhere!  I have had the privilege of traveling with several groups throughout the years.  I have discovered... Continue Reading →

Rustle Up a Peach Cake

My daughter has gotten me hooked on "Britain's Best Home Cook" series. In each of the episodes, there is a segment called "Rustle Up" - each of the contestants is given a surprise ingredient and then told to "rustle up" something given the limited ingredients each will find in his or her respective larder. I... Continue Reading →


A week ago I purchased a bag of peaches-they looked and smelled amazing! I brought them home, cleaned them (as if I'm not cleaning everything during this Covid thing), and duly placed them in the refrigerator. And forgot them. Hmmmm. This evening I rediscovered those wonderful peaches. They are still looking beautiful (though maybe not... Continue Reading →

The Mailbox

An "Old-Fashioned" Picture A few years ago, after a long snow storm, the county decided to clear our road. Now, we do not live on a main thoroughfare-far from it. County trucks can often be seen idling off on one of the field roads, their drivers catching a few winks. However, this particular year, the... Continue Reading →

A Different Adventure

By the beginning of May for the past few years, I have been returning from an adventure somewhere-Paris, Rome, Venice, Athens. Granted, there have been exceptions to the travel, but even when I couldn't go to somewhere new, I made sure to go somewhere-even if just a hike at the local nature preserve or a... Continue Reading →

Cantuccio aka Biscotti

Not working right now has given me time to focus on things I have wanted to return to for years: writing (my first love), gardening, and baking. Of course, I also am reading books, cleaning my attic, sewing, and sitting on my porch listening to the birds-all of these things I have missed for so... Continue Reading →

The Sigh Lady

My husband and I were recently boarding a transatlantic flight to Athens. We located our seats-- I was in the middle seat; my husband was in the aisle seat, and in the window seat a middle-aged lady talking in English with the flight attendant about when coffee would be served. We settled in for an... Continue Reading →

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